WAP banking

     WAP banking is another form of the Electronic banking that enables the user to communicate interactively with the bank. For this communication the client uses only GSM mobile phone with WAP service. With its options and the method of controlling WAP banking reminds an easy form of Internet banking.

Requirements for the equipment of the user

     The only requirement for equipment is the mobile GSM phone supporting WAP 1.1 (or higher). Owners of the personal organizers (Pilot, organizers with Windows CE etc.) with the application allowing the access to WAP services can also use WAP Banking.

WAP Banking EOB is available at the address:


Access to the WAP banking

     When entering the system, the user types the assigned client's name, user's name (the direct user's number if appropriate) and he enters the appropriate One-Time-Password.

     After the successful authentication the user gets the access to the WAP banking. (Caution: After three unsuccessful attempts at authentication the access of the user to the system will be locked.)

Description of the work with the WAP banking system

After the successful authentication the WAP banking makes following offers accessible:

1. Notices

     After selecting this option, groups of notices are displayed to the user:

  for the client
  for the users
  for the account

     After selecting the respective group, the themes of individual notices or detail of the chosen notice are displayed.

2. Account statements

     In this option it is possible to browse the statement headings or turnovers:

      without filter, by the date, client's account, amount/balance,

     by partner's account/bank, symbol only for turnovers.

     It is possible to combine the filter through coming back and selecting another filtering condition. The two coming back steps will cancel the filter combinations.

3. Payment orders

    In this option it is possible to enter new payments or browse through the payment orders that have been already entered:

  The entering of a payment order consists of 3 steps
  filling in the fields of the payment order and the choice of the execution method (normal vs. quick payment),
  entered data checking, certification code adding,
  submitting of the order for the execution
    It is possible to browse through payment orders:
    without filtration, by their status, by the source/target account/bank, by the amount, by the symbol

4. Current balances

     Current balances of client's accounts are displayed taking in account user's access rights.

5. Current turnover items

     After this choice turnovers are displayed that have been realized as quick payments since the last statement (End-of-day).

6. Settings

     This offer enables the user to adapt WAP Banking to his needs and usage.

7. Logoff

     From the safety point of view it is appropriate to end the work with the WAP banking system through this option. After a certain time of idling, the user is logged off automatically.